In a recent episode of Hawaii Five-O difficult to trace poison used as a murder weapon was liquid Nicotine. Well known as a powerful insecticide, in this case it was introduced into the victim's water bottle.

That is television but it is known that the amount of nicotine in an average cigar if injected will result in immediate death. Again bad news but unnecessarily to occur outside of a murder mystery.

But it's not hard to draw the obvious conclusion that smoking is just a slow way to be poisoned, it's starting to sound like another crime plot!

Except this plot has some strange twists. A poison in disguise as a social pleasurable drug was made acceptable, fashionable, cool, a symbol of toughness or sophistication.

The world embroidered it, it was supported by doctors, made even more popular by Hollywood, it was in many ways the perfect product. It sold itself, it was just a question of which brand to choose.

The slow poisoning of generations had begun. As early as 1908 it was determined that smoking was harmful to health, yet the all-powerful cigarette juggernaut kept pushing the good for you line.

Well paid PHD's and medical doctors whose pockets were lined with cash would front the media and lie through their teeth.

In the early seventies researchers declared that smoking caused cancer. The American government suppressed this data until eight years later that could no longer ignore the facts.

So now the truth began to emerge yet the slow poisoning continued, and it continues until today. The difference is everyone in the western world is aware of the continued poisoning on yet another generation.

Of course as a smoker you do not think of it in those terms, you're aware of all the health problems but the truth is re-framed in a more acceptable way. No government has the courage to come and point a finger at big tobacco and state that they are poisoning their population.

Why? Because they would have to admit to being complicit in this slow poisoning. But of course they their interest is divided into promoting quit smoking and collecting huge taxes.

The good news about this particular poison is that when you quit you will start to recover quickly and within a year or so you will most likely be free from the effects of the nicotine poison.

So when you are ready to quit and you need the perfect antidote, hypnosis is the best answer, and just like the best crime stores the victim will recover just in time!