Smoking is one big con.

When you started you thought you would look cool or sophisticated or at least more grow up. But it did not take long before you got over those feelings and grow up yourself.

You thought it was a good way to bond with friends. Sharing clouds of smoke and all smelling like ashtrays does not seem like such a great idea in hindsight. But the con goes much deeper than just the superior. Accepting smelling bad and spending a fortune over your life time, not to mention the added cost of health care and loss of income is just a part of the con.

You were conned into believing that smoking could help you relax. Relaxing helps you relax not some stick of poison in your mouth. Nicotine increases anxiety it's as simple as that.

Smoking relieves stress. Nicotine while briefly it delivers a dose of dopamine to give you a boost of feel good chemicals coming back quickly with a hit of cortisol which raises your stress. Simply declared smoking makes you stressed.

Smoking helps you to think or manage boredom. Stopping what you are doing for a few minutes helps you think and the whole world of non smokers survives boredom perfectly well without lighting up.

Smoking is harder to quit than heroin. This is just an urban myth, we all know that coming off heroin requires some serious medical intervention; coming off smoking just needs a good hypnosis session.

A big con which has been perpetrated by government campaigns and pharmaceutical companies is that you will need several attempts to quit. This is not true!

The largest con is that nicotine is so highly addictive that you will need mind altering drugs with significant side effects or nicotine replacement at least. Real world studies show no benefits from nicotine replacement.

Perhaps the largest unjustice that continues to levied against smokers is that the most successful method to quit smoking, hypnosis, according to New Scientist, is still something of a secret, in spite of practitioners worldwide helping smokers every day to quit.

The simple fact is that for you to quit smoking, the very best thing that you can do is put all the past beliefs behind you and look at quitting with fresh eyes and feelings.

Decide to quit, believe you can do it and book your hypnosis session as soon as possible.