It's kind of interesting, that most of my stop smoking clients have smoked for many years, and it's not uncommon for them to carry my card for over a year until they pick up the phone and book their hypnosis appointment.

At this point they just want to quit now and quit fast. And that's just fine with me. They suddenly have the commitment, they realize it's the right time so we jump in. Most methods of stopping cigarettes promote a gradual removal of smokers.

Nicotine replacement and pharmaceuticals fit this exact model, and it surprises me that even some hypnosis systems promote multiply visits. On further inspection this type of hypnosis looks to fit a medical model of multiple short sessions to suit consultation times.

Hypnosis can be connected over several sessions but just cutting back does not achieve anything. Another problem is that if you are told that it will take several sessions, then psychologically you know you can keep smoking until the last session.

So my view is why not just shift the quitting phase straight to the first session. Then if a client wants another session we can focus on any stress issues which they feel may well challenge them in the future.

In my opinion the extra pre-sessions serve no purpose other than putting extra cash in the practitioner's pocket. To me it can also signal a lack of confidence on the part of the therapist, or simply this was the way they were taught, and they have not looked beyond that early teaching.

One client who remains my oldest client to date at 84 years of age, had never tried to quit after 65 years of puffing away. She chose me simply because I promised that she would succeed in just one session, and it seemed like it was the right time for her.

She told me she did not want to waste time, so just 90 minutes to give up was attractive to her. So she booked, she attended her session and she quit successfully.

So somewhere you are reaching the point of being ready to release cigarettes from your life, now you know that it can happen quickly, so it's up to you to take action, pick up the phone and all you need to do is bring your commitment to the session. Then just let the process unfold, and enjoy being a non-smoker for life, freeing you from the clutches of smoking forever.