Sounds a bit dramatic anyway, but you know it's true, do not you. There's an advertisement on television that shows a family watching a movie, instead of being in the great outdoors, and the catch cry is “that's not living.”

How about the next time you light up, you carefully consider each drag and think about how this thing smouldering between your fingers fits into your life, and of course just how much it is costing you. When you wake up and cough, I wonder what that morning ritual will offer you in the future, what pleasures await you, maybe the company of doctors and nurses and the delights of hospital food.

How about of an while while the family is watching their favorite show and you are on the other side of the glass door, enjoying a smoke, the thought crosses your mind that you look like an actor in a quit smoking commercial, watching life through a smoky haze and a glass door.

Next time you stand outside a restaurant or cinema, catching the disappearing glances of patrons, perhaps you could ask yourself “am I having fun yet” As you hand over your hard-earned cash to the shop assistant, who rummages through the assortment of brands all packaged the same green and hidden behind lock doors, just think about what you did to earn that money, how hard you worked yourself to burn some plant wrapped in paper, with a guaranteed outcome of harm.

When people lay on their death beds, it's said that they never lament not working enough, they tend to wish they had, had more fun, spent more time with loved ones, but I did not know that . I suspect there is a great deal of regret directed at having done something for so long that is now robbing them of their life. What about smoking when you are bored.

Of all the many, many things you could do to fill in those gaps in your life I'm sure that with just a little thought you could do a whole lot better. If you stop and really think about these situations, or the situations in your life, in spite of you possibly smoking, I'm sure you clearly recognize that you are trading smoking for living. And if you have had enough of this trade-off, they hypnosis can set you free.