In a recent online article I read that a large North American Tobacco had also moved into the Nicotine replacement Business. To use a marketing term they have closed the back door. Locking their customers into their product cycle.

People smoke, then they decide to quit, and turn to nicotine replacement, which has been proved to be of little effect beyond the place effect in closed door studies, and close to zero in real world studies.

Then they start smoking again, trying several times on average before they manage to quit. In many instances it's because they become ill in some form, such as a heart attack or emphysema. It does not take a brain surgeon to see the only interest this company has is making profits.

This is of course a reasonable goal for a business but a highly cynical business model at best. I guess no one would have ever accused a cigarette company of ethical behavior.

They are not the only ones of course. A few years ago it was announced that the Australian future fund, which is designed to provide savings in the years ahead was investing in cigarette companies. Talk about blatant hypocrisy.

Recent three dollar a packet price rises in Australia will prove to be an excellent way to top up the government coffers.

Even our quit smoking advertisements which focus on telling people how hard it is to quit, and that they have to keep trying until they succeed is just an exercise in priming their negative beliefs about their ability to quit.

Marketers using MRI technology have proven that grisly images on cigarette packets cause people to think about smoking.

My clients have told me many times that the television ads showing sick smokers make them want to light up straight away.

So what is going on? I believe it's a combination of well intentioned, poorly implemented quit programs with a touch of cynical money grabbing.

Smokers know the truth. These programs and price increases have little effect. It's like being bullied by permissions to change. Most people will rail against such pressure.

Smokers who have quit all have one thing in common. They have made the decision to quit. They have decided when that would happen. It was then bought a full commitment to stopping. And especially for those who choose hypnosis, they were surprised how easy it was for them to quit, and to remain a non smoker for life.