Do you remember the Steve McQueen movie the Great Escape? He made a run from the prisoner of war camp, on a motor cycle, leaping over a high fence to finally be free. Well that is what your smokers are. Certainly not great, and certainly not adventurous by any means, but still an escape no less.

Cigarettes are a way to hide from feelings and emotions which the rest of the world has to learn to manage, or not. Some have a strategy but some turn to drugs or food or gambling etc. Cigarettes, are also artificially used to create other feelings. But these feelings are usually accessed from within if we feel good about yourself, or from natural external sources such as friend's family or even pets.

So I'm sure you can see that by smoking you are walking through the world completely out of touch with how these feelings operate. This explains why it is so difficult to quit using the old standard ways.

Because when you try, there is a huge gap in your life. There is a strong sensation of loss and an emptiness that can not be filled. So what happens very often is that you will start smoking again.

Hypnosis offers a completely different way of quitting, the goal is to separate you from the routines and rituals you have created for yourself while you smoked. This requires no effort and no struggle at all.

You just decide this is what you really want for yourself, you give permission for hypnosis to occur, and then you just sit back and relax with a feeling of full expectation that you will succeed.

The change occurs at a deep level, it's as if your memories about smoking change, it's important to note that all your other memories are completely intact. You lose the desire to smoke, the perceived benefits and you enjoy a sense of freedom.

Importantly you do not just separate from smoking but the gap is filled with a new found sense of confidence and happiness. Because new ways of managing stress are installed when you use hypnosis.

You then see the world through the eyes of a non-smoker, not an ex-smoker that is a part of the reason why you will not feel the gap in your life. There will be some gaps naturally, like all the times used, to raise your hand to your mouth, to keep your hand occupied. This is a good gap, this gap reminds you that you are a non smoker.