Most benefits of stopping cigarettes are well known but will only reveal themselves once you have kicked the habit for good.

Some may even surprise you.

Do you know someone who suffers from an auto immune disease such as Psoriasis, Rheumatoid Arthritis or Lupis? If so you will know how much they suffer. If you want to join their ranks just keep smoking because every cigarette increases your risk of acquitting such a health problem. But when you quit smoking you significantly reduce that risk.

Unfair judgments. Whether we admit it or not we are all judging others all the time. In a way it's a basic survival mechanism. Is this person safe, honest, trust worthy, or can I do business or have dinner with this person.

When someone sees you smoking or smells cigarettes on your clothes or hair, they make a judgment, and it may be unfair, it may be unjust, but it may affect your work, your business or just the way you are treated. By quitting you never run this risk of the first impression playing against you.

Alzheimer's is a sad condition, which has been proven to be associated with smoking, to continue you are now fully aware that you are increasing your risks. If it already runs in the family then you could be asking for trouble. You now know exactly what to do to reduce your risk!

Who likes cold feet? Nobody really, that's because it's unsuitable, smoking reduces your peripheral circulation, which means you have reduced blood flow to your feet, and a reduced capacity to pump that blood back to your heart.

No one can guarantee comfortable warm feet when you quit but they certainly will be better than if you do not. But please be aware that poor peripheral circulation is the first step down the slippery road to amputation!

If you are contemplating any surgery, then think again. Smoking compromises would healing and so it increases risk of excessive bleeding and infection. This is exactly why many surgeons refuse to operate until a smoker quits. Of course this applies to any minor injury you incur. Just quit!

It has been described as romantic to smoke after sex. Maybe it's the enticing aroma, or the breath freshening effect of an ashtray. But the reality is it's not just your feet that will suffer from poor circulation, both male and female genitals are literally being sucked dry of blood when you smoke.

This list could be much longer, but you already have enough reasons to quit, all you need to do is book your hypnosis session and get that circulation flowing again!