Just when I think I've heard every story about starting smoking a new one comes along. During world war 2 people sheltered in underground tunnels during the bombing raids. The London blitz was prolonged and deadly.

A client, who husband had lived through the Blitz as a child, began smoking because children were routinely given cigarettes as a way to manage the stress of the bombings. After many failed attempts he finally managed to quit in his late sixties when serious health problems prevailed.

Smoking is all about connections to places, feelings, people etc, so can you image how powerful the connection to cigarettes for this man, who as a child cawered in poorly lit tunnels, full of people experiencing a truly terrifying experience.

The fear he would have felt drawing on a cigarette as bombs rained down from the sky, would have created an extremely powerful link, which remained with him for decades.

Every time he tried to quit, he was overwhelmed by stress and could not manage without his smokers, until his failing health forced him to push through and finally succeed.

I've discussed in previous articles why smoking does not relieve stress, it's a matter of simple biochemistry, nicotine gives a short relief in the brain, followed by a release of stress hormones from the adrenals.

A connection between smoking and stress comes about either from a gradual exposure to seeing others smoke when stressed, and adopting the same habit, or as in this gentleman's case exposure during a period or accident of high stress.

This connection came back to haunt him each time he tried to quit. You may be experiencing similar difficulties, but the good news is that the man in this article could have broken free decades earlier and so to you can free yourself from the chains of smoking.

The reason that hypnosis is so effective in helping people to quit is that it gently and easily cleans apart the connections and shatters the beliefs which keep you lighting up whenever a stressful situation arises.

Because most people in the western world are non-smokers you have regular opportunities to see that the bulk of people survive their lives without smoking and manage just fine. I can guarantee that there has never been a non-smoker who in a moment of crisis has wished for a cigarette.

You can quit, and you can manage the stress in your life, just trust in hypnosis to get you through.