According To Business Guru Jim Rohn the pathways to both success and failure are just a series of steps, both simple to do and easy not to do. So how does this apply to you quitting smoking?

A very common story I hear from smokers who had quit and then returned to cigarettes is that they started with just one. This may have happened in a stressful situation, or a special event, or just a moment of alcohol fueled stupidly.

The pathway was simple, just one then 2 or 3 a day and soon within weeks back to being a full smoker. At any point in the first few days they could have made a simple decision and just stopped, but it was so easy to keep going.

The good news is that you can reverse engineer the process to help you to quit simply and easily. Like any major change in life this comes with a decision. That is, a no going back cross your heart and hope to die type of decision.

But there are a couple of simple steps before that. Firstly you must find a couple of whys. The first why, is why to stop. You know all the common reasons plus a few of your own; these whys are the things you want to leave behind in your life. The next why, is why be a non-smoker, this may feel like the same but it is a positive set of reasons which will draw you into the future.

Next simple step is to imagine yourself, surviving easily as a non-smoker. Visualise being in regular situations without a cigarette.

Now you move to clearly identifying exactly how you will feel as a non-smoker. Words such as proud, successful, clean and happy are common thoughts. So just allow those feelings into your life now!

Next just call and make an appointment with your hypnotherapist, do any homework requested of you and turn up with a strong sense of expectation of success even if you feel nervous. Then your next step on the pathway to success is to follow through on any homework given after your session.

The last step is to feel grateful for quitting and every time you see a smoker or smell a cigarette you take just a moment to congratulate yourself for having done such an important thing for yourself and you loved ones.

I'm sure you can see that all of these steps to non-smoking success are do-able.