Usually when asked, what quitting smoking means the answer is off the cuff and wonderful, such as “I will feel healthier.”

But what does this really mean? And does this answer provide the emotional power required to quit smoking for good. I have to say an emphatic no. If an easy answer is the best you can offer then I seriously question your real commitment to stopping cigarettes.

I guess at this point the less than serious will opt out, but I encourage you to take a long hard look in the mirror and find a strong reason.

Given that you have seen hundreds of grisly images of dying smokers on cigarette packs and countless television commercials of people in sad smoking induced situations, you are most likely quite jaded and a little malnourished by fear based quit programs.

So how can you access those deep powerful reasons which will be your guide to stopping cigarettes for life.

Perhaps you could take yourself to a quit place, and allow yourself to remember the important times in your life. To recall times when you felt healthy and well.

Now think about the things you still want to do in your life. Things that will work much better if you have your health and energy.

Really concentrate on seeing yourself doing those things, notice how you feel, how good that will be. Allow yourself to completely be immersed in those feelings and enjoy seeing your life unfolding.

Now quickly switch your mind to the same future if you do not quit smoking. Your health has declined; your energy is low, see and feel how things would be different. Maybe you have had a serious diagnosis.

Now think about oranges or cows or anything else. No one wants to dwell on thoughts like these, but that imagined future is likely to happen and you know it.

So I'm sure you are beginning to gather a list of powerful reasons to quit. Each limitation of your future smoking life will add to the list. Keep looking at that list then make an appointment for a hypnosis quit smoking session.

A good therapist will take all those reasons and weave them into your session. But more importantly they will filter all those future healthy events into your unconscious mind and make it easier than you could imagine to walk away from cigarettes forever. Start planning for your life today.