It may seem obvious that if you have stopped cigarettes that you have quit. But at what point after quitting smoking can you safely say that you are a non-smoker?

After 48 hours your blood stream will be free from nicotine. But it will take much longer for the remnants to leave your fatty tissue, however this is not an issue as the amount entering your blood stream at any time is minute and bundled up with hundreds of other toxic fat soluble chemicals. While this does not sound very appealing it is a natural process.

It is argued that it can take 30 days to create a new habit, so it follows that the 30 day mark is very important, so you can give yourself a big pat on the back at this point.

For many smokers who have quit before there may be important time frames which will have will require some extra vigilance. It could be three months or twelve months. One client reported that he had failed three times in the past at nine months.

There was nothing magical about nine months, the first time was just bad luck, the second time was because of some anxiety about the previous time and the third time becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

He acknowledged when pressed that he used this as an excuse as he still liked to smoke. So knowing your patterns of behavior may be helpful, as long as you take added care at these times.

A common reason people return to smoking is either a very stressful event or a special social event involving smokers often from the past. This is a clear indicator that fragments of the old habit are still tucked away just waiting for some event to occur.

This is where hypnosis comes into its own as a quit smoking therapy. It is the only way to clear all of those old connections and beliefs about cigarettes and any potential for returning to smoking in the future.

Hypnosis allows open access to the unconscious mind. This is where all of your connections to smoking are housed. Fortunately with the right suggestions your unconscious can be persuaded to let go of these thoughts. Then new positive healthy non-smoking ideas will very well take up those same spaces.

It's a straight forward, completely safe and non-invasive process. It's non-invasive because it can only happen with your full approval plus it is impossible to be manipulated in any way.