You may never have considered such a question, but it's very important that you know. You want to quit smoking, but it always looks like one size fits all when it comes to stopping smoking.

Perhaps you are a fast talking, fast decision making person who adopts ideas quickly, and you prefer bullet point explanations because you're in a hurry.

Maybe you are the analytical type and need to hear all the instructions in fine detail.

Or more emotionally based and feelings will be your key to change. Stories hold your attention and you have a powerful imagination.

Or lastly the logical type who needs proof, and a paint by numbers approach, you do not tend to imagine a different future unless it makes sense to you.

It's no wonder that something as simple as a nicotine patch or a pharmaceutical drug has little success for smokers.

So how does you know your change style help you? By choosing hypnosis, the most successful quit smoking method, you have an immediate advantage. Your practitioner can pick up on your style from the phone conversation, emails or when you come to the clinic.

Recently I received an email from a business person wanting to quit. The email tone reminded me of someone speaking in short clipped sentences. There were even a couple of complaints and we had not even meet.

I responded in a similar short slightly abrupt manner, and they called five minutes to book the session.

The day before another person called, speaking slowly and kindly giving me details of her background. I took notes because I know it will be important to her that I remember these details when she comes in for her appointment.

For anyone who has spent some time as a practitioner and takes the time to listen, tuning in to the change style of their clients is quite easy.

We all see the world in our own way, and our communication is just as individual, but there are several distinct ways we interact with the world and more importantly with ours.

This knowledge is the key to you quitting smoking successfully, because the only way it happens is when your exact needs are meet. When the hypnosis practitioner spells your language and is able to approach your issues from exactly the right angle.

Hypnosis is truly the gateway to your new life of breathing fresh clean life giving air.