Every smoker has their triggers, some are routine, but some are a big deal. Boredom is not just a casual problem it can be a significant stress and therefore an important issue to address for some people to quit smoking.

For some people their boredom represents a major gap in their lives which they are filling with smoking. Here's the problem, take away the smokers and the void seems like too much to fill. For the majority of smokers this is easily deal with hypnosis.

Some people however are going to need to take specific action to fill those gaps in their lives, at least for a couple of weeks until they integrate being a non smoker into their life.

It may mean finally following through on a plan that you have thought about for a while, volunteering, extra work, exercise etc. Whatever it is it will simply have to keep you occupied, during those void times.

One client filled her long periods of boredom with long phone calls. The problem was, she connected the phone to smoking. So she needed another strategy to manage the short term. She also wanted to lose weight so we made an agreement that during the day when she was bored, that she would walk around her large yard while on the phone.

Another decided to launch the home business she had been planning for ages. These strategies saved the day.

When you consider this carefully you may realize that some of your triggers may represent problems in your life that may need addressing.

Problems which are not solved by smoking, and that the longer you hide behind the smokers the worse the problem is likely to get, or at best it just ticks alone, making you miserable and you just keep smoking to try and feel better, while all along you are just making things worse.

This may sound overly dramatic, but quitting smoking is not like quitting peanuts or candy, it's about saving your life, about reclaiming over a decade of your life and saving you potentially decades of poor health leading to severe health life limitations. Not to mention wasting a fortune.

So for most of you, hypnosis will solve your smoking issues, quickly and simply, but for some of you taking a good look at your life, and implementing some strategies to fill those gaps, then adding hypnosis into the mix will not only free you from the chains of cigarettes but open up your life to new wonderful possibilities.