Our conscious minds is full of hopes and dreams and plans and desires, but your unconscious mind is often directed by other people's voices.

To successfully quit smoking you need the inner voice to be the same as the conscious voice. No I'm not suggesting you are crazy, and you're not in a horror story but you are at effect from the influences in your life. Some of these effects are from you in your past.

Let's say you started smoking at 14, which is the most common age of my clients. At that time you heard the voices of your peers, encouraging you to smoke. You wanted to be like them so you created the story that smoking is cool, or you look more grown up, or sometimes you felt like a rebel.

There were other voices, perhaps adults who said smoking helped their stress, or their boredom or helped them to relax etc.

Then you heard some more voices which re-enforced the idea that cigarettes are hard to quit, or that they are too addicted to give up.

Some years down the track you change your mind about smoking, you now decide that it stinks, its harmful, its expensive, it's anti-social, but your conscious efforts to quit fail because the old voices are two powerful, and too persistent, so you fail and just feel worse.

Maybe you stick nicotine patches on your body, but you notice that the voices persist, and you realize that putting insecticide on your body could not stop you wanting a cigarette with your coffee.

Even if you are one of the few who succeed this way, at some random time you will start again when one of the little voices starts again.

The single goal of hypnosis is to have you in charge of your unconscious, having the conscious desire and the unconscious voice on the same tem with the same message, therefore giving you the very best chance of success.

This is naturally occurring in those areas of your life where you have wanted to make a change and found it easy to do, no struggle, no internal battles, just smooth sailing.

This is the kind of thinking which we seek to bring to quitting cigarettes. What you can do to assist yourself is to relax a little, you do not need to focus on all the words just let them drip over you, and simply expect to be successful.