We like to believe that we know what we are thinking, that we know what we want and do not want, but modern neuroscience has proven that just the opposite is often true. The standard for gaining people's opinion, which includes quitting smoking, has been the long revered focus group.

A group of people are brought together and asked their opinions on products. In many studies smoking has been a topic, asking feedback from such things as grisly cancer images on packets to plain packaging on cigarettes.

The typical result is that people declare that these scary photos on the packages make them want to quit smoking. But put these same people in a Functional Magnetic Imaging machine, which can accurately measure brain activity and the result, is very different.

In the MRI the same graphic images of suffering smokers were flashed on a screen, instead of feeling revulsion, most people simply feeling a strong craving for a cigarette. So why is, this the case?

In focus groups people apply logic to the process. After all why would not you feel bad about seeing such images, it's only sensible, plus it's expected, and the group dynamic comes into play.

Individuals tell me something different, they do not have any strong feeling either way because they simply filter out the image. To then the packet and everything about it represents smoking.

Perhaps the very first time a smoker sees the graphic photos on their packet there is a moment or two of fear, which is quickly overcome as they light up there smoke. But very quickly the filtering process kicks in, and soon the smoker does not even see them. You know this is true, do not you.

Non-smokers have a strong reaction and can not possibly understand someone doing something as crazy as smoking. Yet many of these same people will happily fill their bodies with fatty greasy food, designed to block their arteries. They too have filtered out all the health warnings and have allowed their desire to overrun any health concerns.

The solution is for you to simply decide that you have had enough of smoking, in spite of the internal desires, then to use the power of hypnosis to go to the core of your unconscious mind and create a new strong positive feeling about your life, your health and a negative feeling towards smoking.

This duel action will guarantee your success, providing you with all the instructions given during your session.