Priming is the action of putting a process in place which you can continue to build on. Using conscious and unconscious priming to help you to quit smoking is like having a great support team behind you.

Conscious priming is any action which will support your quit program, some include:

  1. Cutting back on a few smokers each day.
  2. Increasing your activity levels.
  3. Delaying each cigarette by a few minutes.
  4. Deep breathing when faced with a craving.
  5. Making good food choices.
  6. Reducing alcohol intake
  7. Doing some specific relaxation such as mindfulness meditation.
  8. Starting a new habit, such as a few simple exercises or positive affirmations every time you leave the bathroom. The reason is this is something everyone does multiple times a day.
  9. Doing some daydreaming, seeing yourself in past smoking situations but now as a non-smoker.
  10. Creating a simple diversion, which you will do when the thought of a cigarette comes up.
  11. Take a cigarette and blow the smoke out through a tissue, take a moment to consider the implications of the sickly yellow stain on the paper.
  12. Look at each smoke and talk to it as if it were a person who you just had to get out of your life.
  13. Look in the mirror and state out loud that you have had enough and are sick to death of smoking, then take a deep breath and state that you are a non-smoker.

Obviously you will not be doing all of these, after all if you did, then you would not have time to smoke! So pick a few and stick with them. Make these strategies a part of your smoking day.

Non conscious priming is by comparison very easy, and far more relaxing. It involves hypnosis, which is broken into several elements.

  1. The conscious priming as a mental preparation.
  2. The chat about triggers and perceived difficulties.
  3. The discussion about stress not being helped by smoking. There is usually a point of cognition when the smoker realizes for them that it does not help.
  4. The understanding of how hypnosis works, what it does and what it can not do, for example your mind can not be controlled.
  5. Learning that nicotine is at most a small player in smoking, it is mostly about a powerful habit.

Then you just relax into a pleasant hypnosis, this is when your old connections to smoking are released and replaced by new thoughts of breathing fresh clean air and living a long healthy life.