A client once said to me that he could not remember an important time in his life when he did not have a cigarette with him.

It's common for people to say that their smoke is their friend, many believe that they are too addicted to quit or that they can not manage their stressful lives but no matter how much more than your smoking habit , and you deserve much more out of life.

Imagine for a moment back when you were a child. You had hopes and dreams for your future, but then you see a picture of someone whose life seems to be dictated by a routine of topping up with nicotine.

Your fingers are stained, your lungs feel heavy and every morning that cough seems to last longer. You see you have spent a fortune on cigarettes and all you got in return was having to stand outside at restaurants and family functions.

Of course you realize that you are not your smoking habit, but unfortunately society sees you as the person who is quickly becoming the social outcast, people treat you differently, especially when they can smell tobacco on you.

Judgments are made about you, despite unfairly, but you are up against an increasingly negative bias against smokers. You then get the bad news from the doctor, a strange feeling in your chest which you tried to ignore turned out to be the very thing that you felt sure would never affect you.

I'm sure this is not how you expected your life to pan out, the good news is that you can consign most of this to the past and move on. Plus hopefully you can head off any of the serious consequences, and you will absolutely have a lot more cash freed up for the important things in life.

Quitting can appear to be too hard for many people who have smoked for a long time and had a strong relationship with cigarettes, even if it's not the kind of relationship you would tolerate with another person.

One where your so called friend steels from your wallet daily, keeps you away from others and now takes your health as well. Hypnosis is the most successful way to quit, add to that specific conscious strategies and you have a powerful combination to free you from that habit that turned into a potential nightmare.