The first three weeks of making an important change in your life is the most critical time. Your experience will determine which critical dates will determine your outcome.

Most people when they quit smoking struggle and suffer, during those first three weeks and this often results in failure. The flow on effect is a strengthened belief that quitting is difficult, and painful, so that when you make another attempt you are unconsciously set up to fail. And unfortunately fail is what most people will do.

This is why so many government quit ads encourage people to keep on trying, all the while causing further frustration.

This three week period is the time when your unconscious mind fights back. It thinks it is protecting you from this scary change which is occurring. You have a long history of smoking thoughts and feelings locked away.

Memories of thousands of cigarettes connected to fun times, family events, happy times and sad times all shared with a stick of tobacco lodged firmly between your lips. All locked away in your unconscious mind, keeping alive the belief that smoking feels good, even if it does not.

At least that's how it was before society forced you outside in the cold and the rain, or down lane ways in cities, shunned by polite society, and endlessly nagged by the health police.

The reason hypnosis is so successful is that, because it separates you from the triggers and habit side, it makes the initial transition period so much easier. But also because there is a built in follow up system which makes the whole process work so much smoother.

Hypnosis is a multi-step process. During your consultation suggestions and recommendations will be made for you to act on in the next few weeks.

An example is creating new positive habits which will enhance your wellbeing, keep you focussed on being a healthy person and away from cigarettes.

Or spending some time daily consciously relaxing without a phone, television or a computer and allowing yourself some time to do nothing more than let the surface of your mind just stop for a while.

Exercise and a good diet of course will all support your quitting. But do not forget to treat yourself. After all you have a lot more cash in your pocket. You have just given yourself a huge pay rise, so enjoy and celebrate your new life as a non smoker.