When I was 25 years old, I was a two pack a day smoker, and had been, for better than a decade. Among other reasons, I would smoke to relax. Each time I thought about quitting, I was reminded of how wonderful and relaxed I felt lighting up … especially after a big meal, or while drinking a cold beer with friends. It appeared to help me unwind … and that was something I did not want to lose. Many times this vision either kept me from trying to quit, or was my primary excuse for failing.

Now … 35 years as a non-smoker, I realize how utterly brainwashed I was back then, and more importantly, how you are right now.

I use the term brainwashed because that's exactly what it is. I now know for a fact, I had it backwards. The nicotine, which I thought calmed me, was rather what kept me agitated.

That relaxed state I so coveted was nothing more than a brief reply between nicotine fits … which by the way, were only calmed after inhaling the poison my body was addicted to. Talk about a dog chasing its tail … mercy!

Having a cigarette to set a nicotine fit is as nonsensical as having a shot of whiskey to settle a hangover.

I can say with authority … you have no earthly idea how absolutely wonderful it feels to be really relaxed … cigarette smoking has taken that from you. You see … smoking has not only consumed your joy, it actually has you believing its nicotine creates it. You, my friend, are brainwashed.

The ability to deeply relax is not a reward allocated from smoking a cigarette … it's a natural state, which non-smokers enjoy, most anytime they so desire.

I've lived on both sides of the fence, and there's no comparison between the two. In fact, it's like night and day. Listen to me … knowledge is power. It eliminates fear, as it breeds confidence … the perfect frame of mind to have while crossing over that proverbial fence.

The better you understand the nature of your addiction, the easier it will be to dismantle it.

You see … smoking has you enslaved in two different ways … nicotine addiction and brainwashing. Knowing the differences between the two, and how they play off each other keeping you addicted, will help bring clarity and focus in defeating each.

Now … focus on the prize … relax and get started.

Bill Peak