I want you to see it for what it is. As you start the process of eliminating cigarettes from your life, you'll have to throw logic out the window just as you did when you started smoking.

We all remember our first smoke … the coughing, the spewing, and the turning green as we naturally got sick from the experience. At this point one would think smoking a second cigarette would be completely out of the question … at least for a rational person. But no, what do most of us do? We choke down another, and then we choke down another. And after waking up the next day, we choke down still another. This senseless process slowly conditions our bodies and minds not to only accept, but to actually crave the poison, nicotine.

By continuing filling our lungs with smoke, we trick our brains into thinking this altered state of mind now feet normal. We actually begin believing this new so called normal feeling equates with being relaxed and having improved concentration. Now keep in mind, just a few days ago, inhaling this poison caused dizziness, coughing, and confusion. Ladies and gentlemen … you have just been brainwashed.

Our bodies are extremely resilient and responsive. We can condition them to be accredited to just about anything. Yes, even the ellogical act of smoking cigarettes.

I'm here to tell you, the act of starting to smoke is more difficult in many ways than the act of quitting. Because once you quit, you'll see the benefits start to evolve. You initially begin the wonderful process of getting your living back that has been taken away by this horrible drug. Feeding off these benefits will serve you well as you deal with the temptations and fears that come knocking at your door trying to convince you to have just one more smoke. And do not take these fears lightly … especially the fear of the unknown. This one is a big, big deal which breaks a lot of people, but not so big you can not get through it.

What you may need as you put an end to this madness is someone you can trust to help guide you when you feel weak … someone who has been there, who has seen the other side that can help pull you through. Because if you're absolutely aware of what awaits you on the other side, you will not have nearly the trouble kicking this habit as you did starting it. Because when you want something bad enough, nothing will be strong enough to stand in your way … not even fear.

More to come on fear later.

Bill Peak