Are you still smoking?

How can that be? You've seen the pictures of polluted lungs. You've read the statistics about early death and disease. You can walk into any pharmacist and order nicotine chewing-gum or patches or sprays. There are thousands of books and articles full of wonderful quit smoking advice. You can visit your doctor and have him give you powerful drugs that will alter your mind.

So how come you're still smoking?

The simple answer is that you still WANT to smoke. Ok … consciously you know how every lungful you take is moving you closer to an early grave and a horrible lingering death. But SUBCONSCIOUSLY … you still want to smoke!

And all the nicotine gum, and nicotine patches, and self-help books, and powerful mind-bending quit-smoking drugs are not going to make any difference at all.

You will still want to smoke.

Your subconscious mind thinks nicotine is great. Your subconscious mind knows that a little shot of nicotine is just what your body needs to improve its chance of survival. And it's true! Nicotine does actually speed up your thought processes, makes you more alert and in the short-term primordial way that your subconscious thinks it improves your chances of surviving. Trouble is … your subconscious mind is really dumb when it comes to long-term survival. Any awareness of time, of future problems, even of planning for the future are all in your conscious mind. Your conscious mind evolved along with the rest of the Human Race so that now it's a sophisticated organizer and logical thinker … even capable of great intellectual feats like appreciating art, or matching the weather … or using an iPad.

Your subconscious mind is stuck in the swamp. It's your primordial survival mechanism concerned with keeping you alive in a world filled with sabre-tooth-tigers. It operates your “fight or flight” body chemistry and drives the lust you feel in order to ensure the survival of the species. It also thinks that a good way to deal with stress is to take in a drug that speeds up your synapses.


Cigarette smoking is so dumb, so obviously wrong, so completely addictive and yet billions of people still do it. Why? Because they want to smoke. Why? Because their subconscious is telling them it improves their chance of survival by dealing with the threat of stress.

How do you beat it?

Simple. Change the way your subconscious mind thinks about smoking.