In this illuminated era, hypnosis is now viewed as a good technique to help kick bad habits. Some choose self-hypnosis, but I found I preferred working with an hypnosis facilitator to guide me through the entire process. Whichever you choose, you'll be amazed when you discover just how powerful you actually are.

When I was first introduced to hypnosis it was to quit smoking cigarettes. I was a pack a day smoker for over 18 years. Even with being hit over the head with all the medical information that was sure smoking would kill me, I did not quit.

I did not really know what hypnosis was about beyond making people do funny things on TV. But I figured, what I had to lose. Beside I was always open to new things. Of course, I had heard of hypnosis, but I had no idea what my facilitator, Bob Trotter, was going to do.

The first week, I took a questionnaire to know what best suggestions would work for me. Then, I smoked two packs of cigarettes completely each day, even if I had to smoke and smoke until I went to bed.

The second week, I smoked one pack of cigarettes a day. But the kick was I smoked pure tobacco cigarettes from a tobacconist shop with no filters and no sugar. Sugar, it sees, is as much a part of the addiction as tobacco.

The third week, I smoked 10 cigarettes of the pure tobacco cigarettes cut in half, or 20 halves.

Then the fourth, fifth and sixth followed the same pattern of smoking half of the cigarettes until I smoked 2 1/2 half cigarettes the last week.

I really did not think I could just walk away after the last 2 1/2 half cigarettes. I was not sure what I would do when I talked on the phone or had a drink.

Then I realized that I was the power behind quitting. Hypnosis mind change was the discipline, or power of your mind, to stop. So, that's exactly what I did.

The last session, Bob cave me suggestions that made it all work, in fact, made it easy. He suggested first that if I ever wanted a cigarette, I would just have a glass of water instead.

That last session was so vivid. He guided me into a hallway with a door. Behind the door were all the cigarettes I had ever smoked. I shut the door, nailed it shut, then bricked it over. He said this was my past and that I used to smoke. He told me I no longer smoked. And after that moment, I did not smoke. In fact, I never even came close to relapsing.

Later, I realized the strongest reason I had for quitting was to keep my new mink jacket beautiful. I did not want to ruin it with cigarette smoke.

That was over 30 years ago. My mink jacket still looks like I just walked out of the fur salon with it. Either my now ex-husband or son ever understood that I had done more than quit smoking. I discovered hypnosis power of your mind.

This amazing work helped me discover other overwhelming power of your mind areas like meditation.