How to deal with fear is a common theme throughout many of my blog posts because it factors into every decision we make … every action we take. Whether we desire to quit smoking, lose weight, get in shape or even speak in front of others, fear will do its damnedest to keep us at bay. Although fear has many faces … the fear of failing may indeed top the list.

I believe the fear of failing is as debilitating to the human spirit as cancer is to the body.

There is no question that the fear of failing generates negative thoughts which give rise to self-doubt. Sadly, as self-doubt is left to fester, low self-esteem permeates the spirit, potentially keeping our dreams, goals and aspirations from ever leaving the starting gate.

The road to “Quit Smoking” goes through fear and there's no getting around it … believe me, I've tried.

Going through fear, rather than around it, is the quickest, most efficient way of getting to the other side. And why is getting to the other side quickly so important? Because therein lies your key to success … CONFIDENCE. And just a taste of its fruit may be just enough to get you longing for more … hopefully, much more.

I find when I fix my mind on something I really want, I begin feeling the joy associated with it. And this is absolutely essential … because it's that feeling of joy which builds my confidence, stimulating me to continue pushing through … keeping me in motion.

Understanding and utilizing this process has given me the tools and the confidence needed to easily quit smoking and accomplish anything else I have set my mind to do.

Do not cheat yourself out of happiness by fearfully standing still. You want to quit smoking? Set your mind to it and begin … and do just that … BEGIN. If you wait for that master plan, you'll never get started. Just follow through with one small step and build from there. If you just stay in motion with your eye on the prize, you'll attract everything you need … as you need it.

You'll build confidence as you make it through each minute and you'll continue to do so as you cross hurdles and get through cravings one at a time. Keep in mind, cravings have a life span of around 10 minutes. You can do 10 minutes. Deal only with the here and now … not the big picture … it will overwhelm you at this point. Remember … you're building confidence you do not have yet.

String a few small successes together and you'll notice your confidence awakening. And as it does, the sheer optimism associated with it will provide the momentum needed to keep you in motion.

Feeling this momentum is like going through the proverbial wall you hear runners talk so much about. It's when you begin to relax and take charge of your situation, you believe in yourself and the possibilities of what you can achieve.

When the going gets a little tough … and it will … remember these simple truths:

a) You can not light up if you do not put a cigarette in your mouth.
b) The craving will not last more than 10 minutes. They will dissipate over time.
c) Coughing means you are healing.
d) Believe me … if I can do it, you can too … and I did it 30 years ago.

Allow me to let you in on a little secret. This is about more than just quitting smoking … much more. There are hidden blessings associated with this journey you will receive as you progress. These nuggets will present themselves as revelations you would have never recognized any other way. Believe me … they will indeed carry you through every facet of your life from this point forward.

You should thank God for this unique opportunity and pray you do not fail. Fear not … and you will not.

Bill Peak