Quitting smoking often results to psychological side effects. It is natural for the body to find a replacement for something it used to have in order to suffice psychological desires. Craving for the habit is the initial effect of quitting smoking. With our determination to avoid it, we tend to crave for something else – in most cases, food. In effect, we tend to oveat until we realize that we are gaining so much weight. This happens due to the biological signal that our body sends to our brain telling it when to stop eating.

Quitting smoking is indeed a challenge for most people since it has been part of the routine. Simply follow these steps to help you out:

Avoid the craving to smoke

Instead of eating, get involve in physical activities such as regular exercise and work outs. Find a companion during these activities. The companionship will act as support mechanism that will make you enjoy your new found habit. By taking on physical activities, not only will you compensate the cravings for a habit but more importantly, your body will be able to repair itself making up for the time it was abused by smoking. You will start to experience the noticeable energy when you start to breathe smoothly as a result of quitting smoking. Thus, the metabolic boost that you think was helpful in weight reduction during the time you were smoking will be replaced by physical activities.

Avoid craving for food

The more we deprive ourselves from eating as a form of replacement of smoking habit, the more we overeat. This can be due to eating the usual three heavy meals – heavy breakfast, semi-heavy lunch and sumptuous dinner. It is recommended to eat frequent small meal instead of the usual heavy meals. Especially if the foods are blended with the appropriate amount of calories, it will give the body positive effect in dieting. The body will get use to burning calories which will result in consistent metabolism.

Try some supplements

Quitting smoking may require strict monitoring of food intake especially when weight gain is at hand. It happens when we eat bulk food that has no calories in it. This means that the body is unable to burn them which results to fat conversion.

In this event, nutritional supplements may become necessary. You will be able to get the needed nutrients without the worry of gaining fat. There are a lot of supplements in the market which can help you achieve your objective of weight management. You also have so many resources to help you understand the proper way of quitting the habit.