One of the largest hurdles you will ever come up against is accepting it is time to quit. Signs you should stop smoking become handsome and you just can not ignore them. However, if you can manage to overcome this challenge, you will have succeeded in making a very important decision in life. This is such a struggle that it has, in the first place, discouraged many from trying.

There are signs that should indicate to you that it is about time you stopped smoking. The long term effects of smoking take some time before they start to manifesting, but once they do, then it is about time you considered abandoning it all together. You can only ignore these warnings on your own peril.

Time to Quit – Signs You Should Stop Smoking: The Physical

In some quarters they are termed as the final indicators that all is not well. The human body will take in as much punishment as it can. However, when it has exhausted all its faculties it will simply give in. Therefore, when you see these signs it means the body organs are about to give in. It is a last ditch effort to cry out for help in finding an appropriate remedy to the problem.

Normally breathing difficulties are the first indicator that all is not well. Unfortunately, the excuses that people give and the symptom attributed to lack of physical fitness are worried. Sometimes it will develop into a persistent cough that can easily lead to other complications.

There are many factors that can trigger this symptom. It can be exposure to some cold conditions or dust. This will only act as the spark that will eventually lead to the discovery of more serious issues. When this manifests itself, it is wise to bring it to your doctor's attention. This is the first line of addressing the health challenges after you stop smoking.

Persistent sore throats and such like accidents point to another symptom. This is known as the irritation of tissues. Frequent smokers tend to experience this lot. It is usually caused by the smoke that continuously corrodes the throat tissues.

Unfortunately irritation is not the only thing that occurs. The tiny hairs that line the throat are also destroyed in the process. This poses your lungs to a lot of foreign particles since the filters have been rendered useless. Naturally this means that the possibility of lung infections occurs go higher.

An increase in acidity is often a direct result of smoking. This will be indicated by sharp stomach aches. It will be tricky for somebody who is already suffering from stomach problems. However it does not mean that it is a sign that should be ignored. There are many other conditions that will be aggravated by this habit that are bound to create more complications for you.

All these are indicators that something is wrong with your body. Proper medical attention should be sort when any of these signs are seen. The most important step however will be to quit smoking completely. Realizing that it is time to quit, signs you should stop smoking are considered a blessing rather than a curse.