Letting go of smoking is not easy. For someone who has smoked for a couple of years already, it would be hard to just let go of a habit that has become part of his system.

If you want to help someone to stop smoking, read on this brief article.

1) Before you help someone to stop smoking, make sure that the person is committed and dedicated to quit smoking. It is a personal decision. No one should be forcing someone to quit smoking because there are greater chances that it will not be successful if forced.

2) You need patience, encouragement and consideration if you want to help someone especially your loved one. Sarcasm and coercion do not have a room if you are dealing with smoking addictions.

3) Ask your loved one why he wants to smoke and why he becomes attracted to smoking. You need to help your loved one to process from the start. Find out the root cause why he smokes. When your loved one is telling his reasons, make sure that you will not be judgmental and making any assumptions. Just listen.

4) Show and tell your loved one that you are so worried about his health that's why you want to help him. Tell how you want him to live a healthy lifestyle. Make sure that you should deliver your words in a gentle manner. Take note, you might mean no harm but if you deliver the words incorrectly, on your first attempt to help will be a failure. The worst part of it is your loved one will be angry at you.

5) It would be good if you and your loved one will make a pact to end a bad habit. For him, it is smoking. And for you, it could be eating too many chocolates. In this case, your loved one will not feel he is alone in his journey.

6) Ask your loved one how else you can help him stop smoking. Sometimes, just being there for your loved one can make a huge difference. For instance, a simple text message or a chat mate during the times your loved one feels the urge to puff a smoke is a big help. If this scenario arises, be there to encourage your loved one to hold on and have the courage to really end his smoking habits.

7) Be there to celebrate with your loved one even for small victories. This will help boost the smoker's self-esteem and morale. Keep in mind that smoking is a sign of low self-esteem and insecurity. It may not be evident to some people especially to successful ones but there are deep-photographed issues behind it that smokers consciously or unconsciously suppress.