Doctors and health advocates have advised the public enough for them to know that cigarette smoking is the root of many health evils. A lot of studies have been done and both the government and private organizations have collaborated to support individuals who want to quit smoking.

Many have recognized that they are fighting a battle that has already deepened its roots within an individual. Thus, the existence of support groups and organizations that aims to guide and encourage an individual to pursue the process of erasing the habit.

In spite of the difficulty of “unhooking” oneself from the chains of nicotine addiction, change must always start from within. Being informed of the benefits of quitting can boost an individual's motivation for taking up a healthier lifestyle.

Below are some reasons why you should quit smoking for good.

You live longer

One study revealed that at a certain point in time, 80% of the population reaches the age of 70 years old. Unfortunately, only about 50% of smokers in that group survive such a long age.

You reduce the risk of dying in pain

Studies have shown that within 5 years of quitting, there is a risk reduction of lung cancer by 21% but an excess risk up to 30 years is still retained. So, decide that when you quit, you quit for good. In addition, going smoke-free significantly lowers the risk of atherosclerosis and heart attack especially in patients above 45 years old.

It improves your appearance and your smell

Cigarette smoke is known to irritate the oral mucosa, throat, and tongue. That's why smokers often get darkened lips and a discolored mouth tongues. The smoke also irritates the skin, and clings to the body, just like what regular smoke does. Except that the smell leaves a distinct odor not popular with a lot of people. Individuals who have kicked the habit later discover they have clearer complexion, healthy hair, and fresher body odor due to reduced smoke exposure.

You're helping to save the environment

Reduced air pollution, cigarette butts and paper production – all of these are helpful to the environment.
It saves a lot of money

Cigarettes are definitely not a necessity. When you buy a cigarette and keep an equivalent amount every time you shop for these packs, you will be surprised at the amount you are spending for such poisons. So, if there's a practical reason to quit smoking, it is to save money for something more worthwhile.