It may not be easy for a smoker, especially for a chain smoker to quit smoking. This article aims to help them by giving useful information on how to do it. There are few options out there that you can do to quit smoking. But first, you have to concentrate on what you are up against- the negative effects of smoking and the harm that it brings to you- and the benefits you will get after successfully overcoming the addiction. When you are ready doing it, you will be guided with basic information you need to know about quitting.

Stopping yourself from smoking, also known as “smoking cessation”, is the most important step if you want to have a longer life and healthy body. It may be hard, but if you are much willing, you can certainly do it. Once you have quitted, you really have to stay quit. Now, you may be wondering why you are finding it too hard to quit smoking. That is because of the presence of nicotine. Nicotine is naturally present in tobacco or cigarettes that you are hiring. It is a very addictive drug just like cocaine or heroin. When you intake nicotine continuously and regularly, your body will become dependent on it, as well as your emotional and mental status.

When you smoke, nicotine goes deep into the lungs and then quickly flows into the bloodstream. It is transported through all over your body affecting all the parts of it. That is why smoking is very dangerous mostly for pregnant women or women who breastfeed their babies. Nicotine is mixed with the breast milk causing danger even to the baby. The reason why nicotine becomes addictive keeping you from quitting is that it gives a pleasant feeling to the smoker. This drug is a depressant which calms the nerve cells when a smoker is nervous or tensed.

When the smoker stops, the level of nicotine in the body of the smoker drops low until the pleasant feeling it bought while he was still taking it disappoints. That's the time the smoker will desire to take more of it. To bring back the pleasant feeling it gives. It becomes a cycle. The nicotine in the body will continue flow because of this cycle. That is the reason why smokers, especially the chain smokers find it hard to quit smoking. When they start quitting, these individuals will have to overcome the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.