There are many reasons any smoker should have a rethink and earnestly desire to kick the habit. Unfortunately there are too many people who are still in the dark and do not know exactly what they should do to quit. With numerous reasons why smokers need to quit smoking, they can keep them motivated and make the transition to a non-smoker status easier. With 10 reasons you should quit smoking, there is no amount of enjoyment or satisfaction you may be deriving from cigarettes that should stop you from giving the habit up.

1. You will save a lot of money

Buying cigarettes drills holes in the pockets of smokers. Unfortunately this is not so easily observed because smokers find the money they spend to buy a stick of cigarette or a pack of cigarette does not affect their finances. However if the total amount spent on cigarettes and lighters is calculated at the end of the month, it could be staggering.

2. There is the reduction of the risk of heart attack or stroke

Up to 20% of all deaths related to health problems in the United States have been associated with smoking. Those who quit smoking will be doing themselves a whole lot of good by staying out of this list.

3. Reduction of the risk of getting cancer

People who smoke are more vulnerable to different types of cancer growth like cancer of the cervix, cancer of the lungs, emphysema as well as other diseases that are associated with the lungs.

4. You will have a better smell

Smokers smell horrible and even when they attempt to mask the smell of tobacco; the smell they give off is still quite offensive and nauseating. The honest opinion of a non-smoker would get a smoker thinking if he or she resembles a skunk in anyway.

5. Wrinkles will reduce considerably

One of the 10 reasons you should quit smoking worthy of mention is that of the possibility of reducing wrinkles. The premature aging of the skin can occur as a result of smoking and if you are who I think you are you would want to look younger.

6. Sleep better

In the study carried out by John Hopkins, it was revealed that smokers badly get the rest their body describes. This should not be difficult to believe considering the fact that the nervous system is activated with nicotine content in the body.

7. Eliminates morning cough

Smokers are known to develop morning cough as a result of their habit. This is so because their bodies react to the chemicals in the smoke of their cigarettes. You may not know it how irritating those early morning coughs of yours disturbs other people who have not woken yet.

8. You will be in better shape

There are some cardio activities that get affected with your smoking habit. Maximal oxygen can get reduced by smoking by up to 10% which means there is less food for the body cells.

9. Do not endanger the lives of others

The smoke from your cigarettes does not affect you alone but as many as are around when you smoke. Quitting smoking would mean you are also showing concern for other people's health.

10. Stay in charge of your life

If you are wondering why this should be stated as one of the 10 reasons you should quit smoking then seriously you need to consider what you have been doing with yourself. Staying hooked to smoking when you know that it is doing you some damage shows you are not in charge of your life altogether. Kicking the habit shows who the master is.

If you have been persuaded to quit smoking, you will definitely find these stop smoking tips useful.