Smoking is one of the habits that many people find difficult to let go of. It is very addictive to smokers. The reason for this is the chemical present in cigarettes called nicotine.

Why do you need to quit smoking? This article will give you the different benefits if you stop smoking today.

Health Benefits

1) You will have an improved blood circulation.

2) Your blood pressure and pulse rate will be at normal level.

3) Your hair and mouth will not have a bad smell of smoke.

4) Your sense of smell and taste will be improved because you will have clear nasal passage.

5) Your cough will disappear and your phlegm production will return to normal.

6) You will have an increased stamina.

7) Your energy level will increase.

8) Your vision will be increased to 15 to 20 percent.

9) You will lower your chances of getting different kinds of illnesses and diseases such as heart attacks, diabetes, lung cancer and emphysema.

Emotional Benefits

1) You will improve your self-image.

2) You are putting yourself in charge of your life because you are not dependent on your “best friend” – on cigarettes.

3) You will feel that you have accomplished something.

4) You will gain self-respect.

5) You will be less depressed and become happier.

6) You will now plan activities without considering your smoking session.

7) You will not be forgiven of excusing yourself because you feel the urge to smoke after a meal.

8) You do not need anymore to go back to your place just to make sure you have turned off all your cigarette butts.

Social Benefits

1) You are proud to project a positive image.

2) You can tell the entire world that you have mastered self-indulgence and self-control.

3) You now have more time to be with your family and friends.

4) You do not have to put the health of your family members at risk because of second hand smoke.

When smokers realize that there are tons of social, emotional and health benefits if they will quit smoking, they will not think twice to stop smoking. Majority of smokers will be dedicated and committed to belong to the population of non-smokers.

If you belong to the population of smokers planning to become a non-smoker, you will feel immediate benefits. These are your body system will start to go to its normal function, your pregnant wife can sit near you and you will feel refreshed.

What are you waiting for? Get your life back and quit smoking today.