Many people who develop the habit of smoking do not want to quit because of the pleasurable feeling that a cigarette smoke can give. They are obstinate because they believe that the habit will not harm them at all. However, there are many reasons why a smoker should quit smoking. First, years of smoking will affect every organ of a person's body and recent studies have indicated that millions of people die of diseases that are related to smoking. The statistics are staggering and they show that one out of five deaths is attributed to smoking cigarettes or tobacco.

One study shows that more than eight million in the United States have smoke-related diseases such as cancer which is the leading cause of death for most smokers. Many cigarette users think that their malignancy is limited to their lungs, but they do not know that their habit will also lead to the growth of cancer of the nose, larynx, mouth, bladder, stomach, kidney, and colon. Additionally, many smokers in the long run will suffer from chronic bronchitis and emphysema. These two horrible diseases will make it hard for patients to breath and their condition will worsen in the long run if they do not undergo treatment. The alarming thing about cigarette smoking is that people in their forties will be the most affected and will develop other lung ailments such as severe pneumonia.

If this was not enough, a person will also be at risk in having heart attacks or even strokes. For this reason, it is imperative that a person has to quit smoking so he or she will not die at a young age. Also, couples will be affected if either one or both smoke because smoking has been linked to erectile dysfunction. All people who smoke are at risk in becoming blind because cataracts will develop due to years of macular degeneration. Aside from the prospect of becoming blind, old people who smoke will develop bad breath, tooth loss, gum disease and yellow finger nails. Pregnant women should never smoke because they are the ones who will most likely experience a miscarriage or give birth to underweight babies.

Additionally, underweight babies will either die or develop physical or learning problems. Perhaps the primary reason that a person has to quit smoking is the fact that a person will lose thirteen or fourteen years of his life, which is a waste.