“Smoking is injurious to health” – it is so unforfortunate, that even active smokers have taken this sentence for granted. Forget about health hazards, these people are not even ethical and responsible to their families. In fact, the urge of smoking never allows them to realize why and how smoking is injurious to health.

Let us make an honest effort to find the truth behind this killing agent. The discussion would include basic information on cigarettes, its ingredients and harmful impact to our health. In fact, loss of human life in abundance has led scientists conduct research on its injury parameters. Most of the observations are as per doctors dealing with smoking related diseases.

What makes cigarette harmful ?

Contrary to the popular belief, tobacco, an organic substance may not be so harmful on its own. When another ingredient Nicotine is added to tobacco, it turns into a deadly combination.

The effect of smoking to your health :

1. Loss of vitamin C:

A dose of 50 milligrams of vitamin C is essential to a healthy body. One must know that each cigarette can wipe out 25 milligrams of vitamin C, so effectively just two cigarettes is enough to extract the vitamin vitamin C content from your body.

Now ask yourself- is that a big deal? Of course, it is. Vitamin C protects your body from poisons and any bacterial infection. It helps building bones, blood vessels and develops body tissues. Inadequate Vitamin C may cause fatigue too. You may try to compensate the loss by consuming Vitamin C enriched fruits and vegetables. However, it does not ensure long-term cure.

2. Destroy skin texture:

Excessive cigarette smoking leads to death of skin tissues. Once you inhale cigarettes, your facial skin starts thinning out; wrinkles get deeper, black spots develops in your lips and complexity gains leathery structure.

3. Smoking can damage cells around eye resulting in black circles.

4. Smoking habit leads to various dental problems. Smoke contains tar that causes your teeth turn yellow. Even it may turn brown for heavy smokers and teeth whitening will not help you remove this.

5. It also weakens your immunity and looses your internal strength.

6. Smoking leads to mouth and lung cancer resulting in it to the death

7. Smoking poses hair problems. Excessive smoking may cause your hair dry, brittle, grayish in color and in the near future, it may result into premature hair fall and baldness.

8. No matter how strong the deodorant you use, smoking always smells bad. It leaves you look nothing but stale and pale.

There are number of stop smoking aids available too. Now you have enough reason to give smoking a miss forever. For more information a smoker and a non-smoker should visit a fitness fitness advice blog to save their closed-ones life.