Getting people addicted to cigarettes is a very easy task but convincing them to quit smoking may be the hardest and most frustrating task yet. The act of smoking kills half a million Americans every year. The sad part is that their deaths are totally preventable. A person's life can never be sacrificed to the satisfying reliefs a cigarette can provide. The feel good sensation will never be worth it. Some smokers are actually convinced that smoking will help them solve their problems. This is simply not true and in fact, it can create more problems specifically problems concerning the health. There are countless reasons why smokers should quit now but the most important one has to do with their life expectancy.

The smoke emitted from cigarettes contains at least 4,000 different molecules where 43 of which can cause cancer. Lung cancer is the leading cause of death for avid smokers. About 90% of men with lung cancer got this illness from smoking. The same is true for 80% of women with lung cancer. Those are huge percentages when compared to the 10% survival rate of lung cancer. Once a smoker is diagnosed with lung cancer, his / her highest life expectancy would only be at 5 years. Now that's a big price to pay for smokers who just will not quit smoking.

Both heavy and casual smokers have a higher risk of having heart diseases compared to non-smokers. About 20% of heart related deaths in America alone are caused by smoking. Every time a person smokes, that person will experience a higher blood pressure and a faster heart rate than normal. With the high levels of carbon monoxide inhaled, the oxygen levels of the blood will inevitably decrease. The harmful toxins can also increase blood clots and will damage the cells lining the vessels and arteries. These will all increase the chances of having heart attacks and strokes.

If smokers will not quit smoking soon, they can die 13 years earlier than non-smokers. Another consequential of continuous smoking is that it also affects the non-smokers. Most smokers will not think about the smoke they emit. Innocent children and non-smokers can accidently inhale these smokes which contain many harmful toxins. If they do so, the same health problems might be experienced as well. Once these innocent people die, they can only blame the self smokers. It is a sad fact that most smokers still continue to smoke even though they had already indirectly killed many non-smokers.