Humans believe in the core delusion that things get tougher. We sabotage our belief system by applying a false belief. Sure it sounds plausible that things can only get worse, and in truth they do when you believe this mindset, but what if you applied a different mindset that went something like, would that be true also?

The fact is we get what we focus on, quantum physics, Tao and Buddhism have been telling us this forever. Try it, what have you to lose, if it does not work things will turn out as bad as you'd expected. But imagine what if, what if things turned out easier! Then what would you do, change your belief system to allow endless possibilities to enter your life, What's to lose apart from an old mindset that told you things would get harder with time.

Imagine the temptation as an obstacle that you need to pass, you walk up to it, assess its size and shape and make-up. You typically store this information as an experience, just like a child would store information about the layout of a room as it learns to walk. You map the terrain of all experiences in order for you to be more adept at dealing with them. So why would temptations be any different? One at a time you will defeat them in your own unique way. Moment to moment you survey the territory of the temptation. That's nothing you pollute the experience with your core delusion that it will get harder.

By simply telling yourself that it will get easier 'one by one' the temptations will fall away and have less and less impact on your reasoning. Afterall, it is your bad reasoning thatave the temptation any weight in the first place.

This journey from smoker to non-smoker is simply that, 'a journey' of undoing your own programming. Nothing from outside of you has control over you, it is your beliefs that con you into believing that, think about it. Breaking that cycle is your purpose and your aim. I guess it is a great example of 'mind over matter'. Your beliefs determine your actions and the impact that the temptation to smoke has on you, or any other temptation for that matter.

Make no exceptions means believe that the obstacles that are in front of you will gradually get smaller and disappear.

You are in the driving seat creating your reality, scared? do not be, you have the controls.

All the knowledge that you are gaining is unfolding just as it should because you are ready for this, see it as a gift to yourself from yourself.