There comes a time when you tell yourself it's time. Sure, you can fool those around you and even fool yourself into thinking and bargaining that it's not the right time. If not now, When? Think of the words that we tell ourselves to postpone. Later, when it's right, will do ever, soon, in the future, not now, hope to, the list is endless.

As I've said so many times, the language we use when 'self talking' is very powerful. But with this knowledge you can move your own mountains by simply changing your 'postponing' language to immediate language. Now you may be thinking 'easier said than done' and you are absolutely right, say it, say what you want to happen but avoid the postponing language, even the word 'want' is a postponing word.

Think about it, if you say to yourself 'I want to stop smoking now' you are pushing the act away from you. On the other hand if you say to yourself 'I am stopping smoking now' it makes it immediate and real, making sense? I'd go as far as to say that when we hear people use postponing language we tend not to believe them. what we do is recognize that their intention is weak. Why do we know this, because we are aware at a very minority level that we also do this. We see in them our shortfall. This shortfall is like holding a mirror up to others and pointing out their weaknesses.

Can you imagine how someone close to you would feel if you constantly told them how weak they were. They would do all they could to avoid being around you, would not you act the same? Being honest with oneself is probably the greatest challenge you will ever face. But face it you must in order to take back the control that you have given over to smoking. Calling yourself 'an addict' will not help.

Procrastinating about how many years you've smoked for will not help. But recognizing this behavior in yourself and others will. Being aware of how you act and what you say about your annoying habit will help you to see it for what it is, something YOU can change. By being aware of yourself, by watching your inner dialogue, you know when the right time is, your inner voice will be heard saying quite clearly.

The time is Now!

Kevin Webster